IGNITE Profile

The curriculum followed in junior and senior classes are based on NCERT& S. Chand guidelines, albeit with several innovations which have been introduced after much research and study.

Till class III the curriculum is thematic. The idea behind this is to seamlessly integrate various subjects with a common thread which pertains to practical aspect of life. This gives our students a holistic view and allows them to apply knowledge and correlate various subjects to real-life situations.

From Class VI onwards, formal subjects are introduced like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc. Books followed are from NCERT but the methodology of delivery is totally unique which has been developed in consultation with leading experts. Lessons are planned so, that student gets to learn their subjects in a practical manner with lots of projects and activities.

From Class IX onwards along with intensive studies career orientation is introduced so that students can decide their future study options.
Cutting across all classes we have integrated certain programs that fulfill some very basic needs of education which are ignored these days. These include the Read Programed, and L & TS (Learning and Thinking skills). We realize the importance of reading in this era where the world has shrunk to become a global village age and students are encouraged to read more books to broaden their horizon.

These efforts have borne results which are manifested in the consistently excellent results that have been produced by our students at the Board Exams.